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Water heaters are durable and long-lasting appliances, but over time, use and wear can cause problems that affect their normal operation. As soon as you notice an issue affecting your water heater, calling for water heater repair service in Tampa is the best way to eliminate high utility costs and restore reliable hot water to your home. Both electric water heaters and gas water heaters can be vulnerable to certain types of issues—keep reading to find out more about the most likely problems your water heater may develop and how you can work with your plumber to avoid them.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters use electrically-powered heating elements to produce hot water, which is typically stored in a tank until needed. Alternatively, tankless electric water heaters allow flowing water to pass over electric coils, transferring heat from the coils to the water. The electric heating elements are the most likely reason for water heater repair service calls, as worn, damaged, or improper heating elements can affect your water heater’s ability to produce the hot water you expect. The most common cause of heating element failure is corrosion and mineral buildup, which occurs when dissolved minerals in your home’s water build up on the heating elements, causing damage or affecting their electrical connections and causing them to malfunction. You can avoid this issue by flushing your water heater regularly and having your plumber check and change the sacrificial anode rod inside the tank, which is designed to prevent the buildup of minerals inside the tank and on the heating elements to protect them. Other common electric water heater issues include issues affecting the electrical connections between the appliance and your home’s electrical system; if your water heater won’t activate or continually blows fuses or trips circuits, it’s best to have an experienced plumber check for and eliminate the cause of the electrical problem.

Gas Water Heaters

Gas water heaters burn natural gas via a combustion assembly; the heat produced by combustion is then used to heat water either inside a tank or as it flows through a tankless water heater on its way to your tap. Similar to electric water heaters, gas water heaters are often affected by problems with their heating system, which includes the pilot assembly and thermocouple, as well as the burners. When the pilot light assembly is dirty, clogged, or damaged, the pilot light may not stay lit; alternatively, the pilot may burn an orange or red color, rather than a clear blue. If the water heater thermocouple is damaged, it may prevent the water heater’s combustion system from getting the gas it needs to create heat by shutting off the gas line. Problems with the combustion assembly or gas line feeding your water heater should always be handled by your professional water heater repair service. Regular maintenance includes checking and cleaning the pilot assembly and burners to ensure your water heater stays clean and continues working efficiently to produce the hot water on which you rely every day.

Your water heater is in the right hands when you call our plumbers for professional water heater repair service in Tampa. We have experience repairing and installing all makes and models of storage and tankless water heaters so we can quickly and efficiently meet your needs. You can check us out online for more information about water heater repair, or click through our additional blog articles for more at-home plumbing advice.

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