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The two most common water heating systems in use today are storage water heaters and tankless water heaters. While storage water heaters use burners or heating elements to maintain a reservoir of hot water ready at all times, tankless water heaters use combustion or electricity to produce hot water as it is needed without storing excess hot water ahead of time. If you’re considering tankless water heater installation in Tampa Bay, evaluating your home’s design and your hot water needs can help you determine whether this type of water heating system is right for your home.

Consider Your Hot Water Needs

Tankless water heaters produce hot water on demand by heating water as it flows through the unit. A tankless water heater can produce hot water for an unlimited amount of time because there is no available reservoir to run dry. However, tankless water heaters produce hot water at a slightly lower rate than storage tank water heaters are able to supply water to your plumbing system, which means you should evaluate your hot water needs and typical usage schedule before making a switch. If you need hot water in more than two locations at once, a tankless system may struggle to meet this demand as well as a storage tank system; however, if you only use one or two hot water features at a time and would instead prefer unlimited hot water for these uses, tankless water heater installation is a great choice.

Evaluate Your Plumbing Budget

Tankless water heaters are typically more expensive than storage tank water heaters; tankless systems will make up the added cost of purchase over time, but it may take many years to recoup your costs via lower water and energy usage. This means it’s important to consider your plumbing budget, both in terms of your current budget and your planned monthly budget for the next several years. If your budget for water heater installation is limited, opting for a tankless system may stretch your costs uncomfortably; however, if you can afford to install a more expensive water heater system today and recoup your costs over time, tankless water heater installation will offer greater long-term benefits over a storage system.

Explore Your Placement Options

While storage water heaters are only available as whole-home systems, tankless systems are available as whole-home or single-faucet models. If you want to go tankless but are concerned about needing more hot water at once, installing several point-of-use systems may be the solution to this dilemma. Additionally, tankless water heater installation can supplement your existing water heater if you don’t need to replace the entire system but have added plumbing features to your home. Point-of-use tankless water heater installation can supply hot water to additional areas of your home at lower long-term costs and without the need to upgrade an existing water heater that does not yet need replacement.

Whether you require water heater maintenance, repairs, or installation, our plumbing experts have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right solution for your plumbing needs. We are pleased to offer storage and tankless water heater installation in Tampa Bay, allowing you to match the right water heating system with your habits for greater convenience and savings. You can click through our website for additional information about our water heater and other whole-home plumbing solutions, or read through our blog library to learn more about your water heating options and how to keep your water heater functioning efficiently for years to come.

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