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HVAC tune-ups are a necessary step toward keeping your home’s heating and cooling system working as it should. Even if you’ve only encountered minor issues that seem more like annoyances than serious concerns, your HVAC system could be losing efficiency and incurring ongoing wear and damage month after month. Scheduling regular HVAC tune-ups can eliminate these minor issues and are the key to preventing the major breakdowns you want to avoid.

Clean Up Your Indoor Air

The quality of your indoor air is directly influenced by the condition of your HVAC system. Even if you regularly change your furnace filter, smaller particles can still flow past the filter and into your heating and cooling appliances, your ducts, and your home’s air. Dirt and dust buildup inside your HVAC appliances can easily become dislodged, contributing to poorer indoor air quality over time. HVAC tune-ups focus on thoroughly cleaning the components of your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump, which eliminates this source of airborne contaminants and improves the overall quality of your indoor air.

Get Rid of that Ice on Your AC

Ice on your AC coils may seem like a minor issue, especially if your air conditioner’s function doesn’t appear to have suffered significantly. However, ice buildup on AC coils can cause additional issues, including water damage in the area around your air conditioner and increased strain on every component of your cooling system, leading to higher utility bills and compounding the risk of a serious—and costly—cooling breakdown. The top reasons for ice formation on AC coils include dirty coils, low airflow, and refrigerant leaks, all of which can be caught or addressed during an HVAC tune-up service to eliminate these concerns and prevent future ice formation for top air conditioner performance.

Reduce Loud and Frequent Cycling

A quiet home is a happy home, but the peace and quiet of your indoor environment can be easily broken by a noisy or frequently-cycling HVAC system. Noisy and frequent function are associated with wear and tear inside the system, which robs the appliance of efficiency while simultaneously disrupting the comfort of your home. Furthermore, if the issues behind this type of behavior are not addressed, they will lead to HVAC appliance damage and rising heating and cooling bills that could be avoided with HVAC maintenance. Scheduling regular HVAC tune-ups will ensure that any failing parts are identified and replaced before they can become an issue, while interior components are cleaned and lubricated for quieter, more efficient function. When your HVAC system is in great shape, you’ll barely notice its cycling so you can enjoy a comfortable home with minimal disruption.

We are pleased to offer cost-effective and convenient St. Petersburg HVAC tune-ups to keep your furnace, air conditioning, or heat pump working properly this year and every year. Our home service plans make it even easier to maintain your HVAC system regularly with automatic biannual service, savings on repairs and replacement, and priority scheduling if you’re experiencing an HVAC emergency. You can check our services out in more detail on our website, where you’ll also find more helpful tips, advice, and information on home heating, cooling, and indoor air quality when you read through our blog archive.

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